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Berénykert Kft.

registered office/address: 8097 Nadap, Hegyalja út 7.

Email address:



Withdrawal/Cancellation declaration form

(fill in and return only in case of intention to withdraw/terminate the contract)


I/we, the undersigned, declare that I/we exercise my/our right of withdrawal/termination with respect to the contract for the sale of the following product(s) or the provision of the following service:[1]




Date of conclusion of contract / date of acceptance:[2]


Name of the consumer(s):


Address of the consumer(s):


Signature of the consumer(s): (only in the case of a statement made on paper)







[1] Here it is necessary to indicate the product that is the subject of the contract

[2] To be marked with the appropriate underline

This document is in PDF formathereis available.

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